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Safe and Fun Boarding Facilities for Your Pets

Leave your pets in the hands of dedicated and professional kennels at KLOOFZIGHT Pets on Route. Enjoy your time away, knowing that your pets are receiving the best care possible in a safe and secure environment.



We offer a safe and secure environment for your pets

Dogs and cats are not always happy about being left at home when their owners go away. Added to this is that very few dogs are trained as watchdogs so it’s not fair to expect them to do a policeman’s job all on their own. 


Furthermore, pets entrusted to well-meaning but untrained neighbors, domestics or friends can run away or become ill due to a lack of reliable, frequent and trained supervision.

There are also the dangers of your pets not being fed, being neglected, pining, straying through gates left open and getting lost or being run over. It’s far wiser and safer to board your dog or cat with a dedicated, professional kennel which will give them lots of attention, love and care.

Pets, like people, often appreciate a holiday in new surroundings alongside new friends.

Dogs, once they settle in, have a wonderful time, like kids on the beach. Kittens take to boarding easily, too, and play around to their hearts’ content.

Adult cats, though they can be initially aloof, soon relax and spend their time observing their neighbors and the busy staff around them. 


They catnap, eat, play with their care-givers and purr!. Your pets will love you for choosing our boarding professionals. 


At KLOOFZIGHT Pets on Route, they will enjoy a happy and safe boarding experience, while you enjoy your time away, content in the knowledge that they are receiving the best care possible. (After you, that is!)


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