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Pets On Route is Experienced, Reliable, Professional, Dedicated, Safe and We Go the Extra Mile.

You can’t do better than entrust your beloved pets to Pets On Route for a happy moving experience.



Transporting your pet between countries can sometimes be a little daunting. This is where we can help. Our specialized team can take care of the language barriers, understanding government requirements and sensitive cultural issues when transporting your pet.

We can take care of:

  • Import permit applications
  • Quarantinereservations
  • Advice and schedules for pre-import blood tests and vaccinations
  • Endorsements and vet checks with overseas animal health authorities
  • Overall management of your pets relocation
  • Flights
  • Quarantine if required

Helping You Move With Your Pet Anywhere In The World

It may seem daunting doing the online research and realizing that moving with your beloved pets requires its very own to-do list whilst having to keep within a strict time frame prior to travel.


The best option would be to get in touch with a professional pet relocation agency to hold your hand through it all to assist you in tailoring your exact travel needs.

Pets on route will walk you through the intricacies of inoculations, microchipping schedules, blood testing and parasite treatments in order to ensure your pet is 100% ready to enter their new country to call home.  

Check out the link below for the check list you need to follow to ensure your pet complies with travel requirements and government legislature. We can assist you at every step.

There are the very fundamental requirements for pet travel and pet exports out of South Africa and will vary slightly depending on your chosen new home country.


It is important to work closely with your pets on route pet move specialist to discuss if there will be any sort of quarantine required prior or post travel for your fur-kids as this will help you with your travel calendar and timeline.



Your pet will ALWAYS require their original vet book or card, all original blood testing and microchip certification to travel with them at all times.
Ensure that all pets have an ISO microchip. It is important to note, for entry to most countries, that even if all your inoculations are currently up to date, but your pet isn’t microchipped, you will have to get them microchipped and then re-do all inoculations in order for them to be considered valid for travel depending on your new home countries entry protocol. Variation on microchip timings can result in potential travel delays.
These have to reflect in your pets vet book and need to be over 30 days old and less than 12 months. TOP TIP: Vaccinations MUST be administered by a Veterinarian registered with the South African Vet Council, any vaccination administered by a pet rescue organisation, breeder or vet assistant are not acceptable for travel.
3-in1 for cats and 5-in-1 for dogs, these also have to be older than 30 days but less than 12 months old to qualify and must be recorded in the vet book.
The Rabies Neutralising Titration Test (RNATT) can only be drawn after 30 days from the last rabies vaccine. DO NOT draw blood before these 30 days as the pets will not receive State Vet Clearance and may not be allowed to enter the country or may be quarantined on entry. (if an RNATT is required for your destination) NB: Your pets entry to The EU may take place a minimum of 90 days after the drawing of blood for the RNATT, no sooner entry may happen, so keep this in mind when planning flights.
As an extra precaution we recommend speaking to your vet about getting the kennel cough vaccination to avoid any hiccups along the way and to ensure that your pets are covered at all times, within any country. Safety first!
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