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Reliable and Safe Pet Transport Services Worldwide.

Pets On Route is experienced, reliable, professional, dedicated, safe and we go the extra mile. You can’t do better than entrust your beloved pets to Pets On Route for a happy moving experience.



No matter where you live in South Africa… we can arrange collection of your pets for onward transmission worldwide, either by plane or our long-distance specialized pet transport vehicles. We are geared up to collect your pets from anywhere and send them to everywhere, in style and safety.


PETS ON ROUTE can transport your pets by air or road almost anywhere in the world: from town to town, province to province and country to country.


We also handle imports from other countries into South Africa: including import permits, customs clearance and airport collection. 


  • Free National quotations
  • Free International quotations
  • 5 star in-transit boarding available for dogs and cats
  • Pet Door to door and Pet airport to airport service
  • Import / Export Permits
  • Health Certificates (We have a veterinarian in attendance)
  • State Veterinary Documentation
  • Customs Documentation

All animals should have the following vaccines

before being accepted for Air Transportation.

Puppies and kittens can only fly from the age of 8 weeks.

Combination Vaccine:  5-in-1 for Dogs & 4-in-1 for Cats.

The animal is accepted for travel within 24hrs of the booster vaccination  being administered
provided they have a good history and the annual vaccination has not lapsed.

Animals older than 3 months must be inoculated against Rabies, this should be done annually

Certain 3 year rabies vaccines are adequate, provided the vetbook stipulates the vaccination is still
within it’s validity period.

There is a waiting period of 14 clays (fly on day 15) for ALL 1st time and expired vaccinations & a 24hr waiting period for ALL booster vaccinations. This includes Rabies, 5-in-1 & 4-in-1 vaccines.

An animal that is 8 weeks old but younger than 3 months would require a valid rabies vaccination booklet for the female parent, they do however, need their own updated combination vaccination (5-in-1)

In cases where the puppies and kittens have been rescued and there is no record of the mom —The animal requires their own rabies & combination vaccination, a 14 day waiting period is applicable.

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