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Brachycephalic Breeds

At Pets on Route, the safety and well-being of all pets traveling with us is our top priority. We have crafted our pet travel policies to ensure maximum protection for our furry companions.

Breeds with flat faces, short snouts or brachycephalic breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxers are popular choices for pets around the world. Unfortunately, these breeds are more susceptible to health issues due to their unique facial structures, which can cause breathing difficulties in warm temperatures, unfamiliar environments, or during transport, a condition known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS).

To address these inherent risks associated with carrying brachycephalic breeds, our pet travel policy has been created in consultation with industry experts and pet travel specialists. If you plan to transport your flat-faced or snub-nosed pet by air, we strongly recommend reviewing important information provided by the RSPCA and visiting your selected pet travel specialist’s website. You can also find additional information on pet transport by air at the IATA website.

Besides our specialised policy, we provide general tips to help prepare your pet for travel, particularly in extreme weather conditions. We believe that the safest and most comfortable travel experience is paramount for all pets in our care.

Pets on Route is delighted to announce that our pet travel policy for brachycephalic breeds now includes crossbreeds, except for specific breeds. Please consult our list of accepted breeds to ensure compliance with our policy.

At Pets on Route, we have updated our pet travel policy to now include crossbreeds of brachycephalic breeds, in addition to the specific breeds previously accepted. Please refer to the list of brachycephalic breeds covered by our policy provided below. Our aim is to make pet travel as safe and comfortable as possible for all pets, including those with unique facial structures.

Dogs Dogs Cats
Affenpinscher French Bulldog Exotic Shorthair
American Bully Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel Persian/Himalayan
American Bulldog Lhasa Apso  
Australian Bulldog Neapolitian Mastiff  
Boston Terrier Pekingese  
Boxer Pug  
Brussels Griffon/Griffon Bruxellois Chinese Pug  
British/English Bulldog Dutch Pug  
Chow Chow Japanese Pug  
Dogue De Bordeaux Shih-Zhu (Tsu) (Tzu)  
English Toy Spaniel/King Charles Spaniel Tibetan Spaniel  
French Mastiff Valley Bulldog  

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